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This is my most recent project and has seen some actual success. It creates an HTML based statistical chart for QuakeWorld servers. In fact it has earned itself a whole web page! Find out more information on the official FragLog Page.


This handy utility will detect and display the type of graphic file, the height,width, color depth and size of whatever files it is given. Here is a list of the current file formats that WHATPIC knows about and some sample output:

BMPx     Microsoft Windows 3.0 bitmap: x is compression type
FLC      Autodesk Animator Pro animation file
FLI      Autodesk Animator animation file
GIFxxxyy Compuserve's Graphics Interchange Format: xxx is the version number,
         yy is an L and/or an I if the image is giflite or interlaced
ILBM     Deluxe Paint/AMIGA IFF InterLeaved BitMap
IMG/GEM  Ventura Publisher file
JFIFx.xy JPEG File Interchange Format: x.x is the version number,
         y is a P for progressive images
MAC      MacPaint file
PBM      Deluxe Paint II enhanced IFF BitMap
PCXx.x   PC Paintbrush/ZSoft file: x.x is the version number
PIC      PC Paint/Pictor file
RIX      ColoRIX VGA Paint file
TARGAxx  Truevision Targa file: xx is the image type described in document
TIFFx    Tagged Image File Format: x is an I or M for the byte order

Filename Format Width Height Colors Filesize Drive Label ------------ -------- ----- ------ ------ -------- ----------- JOEWALSH.BMP BMP 630 x 180 256 114838 GUMBY COMPDISC.GIF GIF87a 160 x 89 256 5564 POKEY JOEPREZ .GIF GIF87aI 264 x 329 32 20878 POKEY FORCE .GIF GIF89a 157 x 200 256 12352 GUMBY DUCK .GIF GIF89aI 168 x 155 32 9125 POKEY 100BUCKS.JPG JFIF1.0 1248 x 496 24bit 231933 DDRIVE BORIS .JPG JFIF1.1 239 x 423 24bit 17296 POKEY MAC .JPG JFIF1.2 272 x 302 24bit 16002 POKEY FARSIDE .TIF TIFFI 1016 x 841 256 857056 POKEY

Download Version 4.0 of WHATPIC


Finally a UNIX style replacement for the DOS TYPE command! I grew tired of entering TYPE cow.txt | MORE or getting confused with my UNIX account and entering MORE cow.txt only to recieve an error...

Now simply typing M cow.txt or even DIR | M will suffice!

Download M source and exe


Have you ever been traversing the directory tree on your disk and needed to get to a sibling directory so you try this CD ../BROTHER or worse CD .. and CD BROTHER?

Well no more my friend with CDD you skip those useless three or four keystrokes and now just type CDD BROTHER and you are there!

Download CDD source and exe


Here is one of my favorites...how many times do you need to create a directory and then change into it? Using the duo MD NEWDIR and CD NEWDIR was to me annoying and time consuming. So I decided to merge the two into MCD and now all I need do is MCD NEWDIR and viola!

Download MCD source and exe


Mike Dowell mdowell@mike-d.com