10 Year Reunion Report
1987 - 1997


Well we finally had the reunion and I had a blast! There seemed to be a good turnout, great food, dancing, pictures, laughs, and lots of people to see. I know that Sara and others will be working on a Reunion Booklet but I wanted to give some info for those of you who didn't get to go. I wanted to put up some more pictures but I got my film back and it was all BLANK!! So I will have to wait for pictures from the Binkleys or the Shores...

Friday July 18th...

Because of work and travel I was unable to attend the Friday night mixer. The people I talked to that went said they enjoyed it though. The comment I heard the most was "You should see Pat Herrera!" Rumor has it that there was also a soire at Daron & Latrissa Overman's house that lasted into the morning . . .
Latrissa and Daron Overman, Tim and Becky Shore, Gilbert and Tammy Diaz, Sara Torres

Saturday July 19th...

This was the main event held at the Holiday Inn. I would estimate that about 100 to 150 people were attended in all. There was a delicious mexican food buffet, an awards ceremony, dancing and an overall good time had by all. I had not seen most of the people since graduation night and the conversations were started up as if it had been 10 minutes instead of 10 years!

We're too sexy for our cigars
Everyone seemed to be doing well and I didn't see any of the "salary comparisons" that I had heard about other people's reunions. I got to talk and catch up with alot of people, but still missed a few. We closed the place down at midnight with people still lingering on the dance floor and everyone snapping pictures. Once again Daron & Latrissa Overman helped to keep the night going with a continuing party at their house. I'm still not sure how Fredo fell down though . . .

Sorry about the toes ladies...

There were quite a few awards handed out on Saturday. Here is a list of the awards I remember. If anyone has corrections please let me know.

Most Children Kami Orr 4 handsome boys
Longest MarriedPaulette Leyba8 1/2 years
Most Recent Baby Girl Kim Dimas3 weeks prior
Most Recent Baby Boy Wendy (Jordan) Heinz2 weeks prior
Farthest TravelledMike McClainJapan
Least Changed FemaleSara TorresWhat's her secret?
Most TattoosJodi (Pencall) DeJesusWhere were they again?
Most Breast AugmentationDaron OvermanNipple ring and all
Most Years Served Charlie JohnsonDOH!
Most Follicly ChallengedMike McConnelSorry Bink
BlossomedKami OrrShe always looked great
Nerd To HunkKevin FradySenator?
Least Changed MalePaul HerreraNot a day older
Most Changed Mike Dowell Surprise!

Sunday July 20th...

This was the day for the picnic at Ford Canyon where people brought their children, spouses, parents etc. I found this day to be a little bit more relaxed and laid back. Turn out was a little low but I figure that people were travelling back home (or stayed out too late). I have to say that our classmates have some beautiful babies and children! For somebody that is not married yet it was amazing to see the wonderful families that alot of them have. There was a lot of address/phone/email exchanging and long drawn out goodbyes here. People needed to go but wanted to get those last minutes of conversation in.

More Pics...

Los Tres Amigos de Queso

Bink and organizers

The lovely ladies

Rusty Jones' new baby

There were at least 4 people in our class who are no longer with us. Their names were mentioned and we had a moment of silence to remember them. Since graduation we have lost Billy Weeks, Patrick Platero, Melanie Grice and Vada Watson. As Sara Torres said this is 4 too many...

Reunion Booklet...

I need to talk with Sara about this but I would assume anyone can order one of the booklets. On the registration form it was $5.00 but I am sure any extra would be appreciated. They are supposed to be out in 6 to 8 weeks so contact Sara and see how you can help out.


I think the 10 year reunion of the Gallup High Class of 1987 was a total success! If you were there I think you will agree and if you weren't I am sorry you missed it. I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people that worked to put this reunion together. You did a great job and we all appreciate the work that went into it. I hope to see or hear from everyone during the coming years and look forward to our 20th!!


Mike Dowell mdowell@mike-d.com